Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sue Scheff: Defeats WWASPS in a Court of Law

After a long 2+ years of litigation and a jury trial - I defeated WWASPS! Again, in June 2006 I defeated them in the Supreme Court of Appeals!

In September 2006 I defeated Carey Bock Levine who was paid by WWASPS $12,500.00 in an attempt to harm me. It back-fired as she went on a campaign to destroy my organization, my family and myself with defamatory and libelous statements on a variety of Blogs and Forums.

She now has an $11.3M judgment over her for the rest of her life. Again, a jury - after reading all the slanderous and libelous comments she wrote about me, they awarded me over $11M - $5M for punitive damages.
Remember, free speech is free - but it will not condone defamation.